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Week 10: Concordia, Sul Ross, Southwestern, and Schreiner! Oh my!

Our FastBat hands are still frozen from last weekend in Abilene (Blake Frampton, why didn't you warn us?). It was a good weekend, but, on Friday we started at 3 pm and finished after midnight. With the prettiest town we ever seen in the rear view, we are thawing out on the baseball field, like all week.

No, seriously, seven games for seven days, and we ain't even a lonesome polecat. Here is the schedule for the next seven days:

Tuesday, April 10th 7:00 pm @Concordia (in Austin).

Thursday, April 12th  6:00 pm Home v. Sul Ross. Friday, April 13th  5:00 pm Home v. Sul Ross. Saturday, April 14th  12:00 noon @Schreiner (in Kerrville). Saturday, April 14th  3:00 pm @Schreiner (in Kerrville).

Sunday, April 15th  2:00 pm @Schreiner (in Kerrville). Monday, April 16th  6:00 pm Home v. Southwestern.

(We are tired just typing this, but we did promise to suit up to pitch as needed, once we get the 4868 on file.) As always, keep in mind that you can keep all the games on your calendar by using this link.

In all, it was a nice weekend for us:

Trinity 8, TLU 3 --  Thankfully it was only 7 innings. Trinity 14, TLU 12 (16 inn.) -- 16 innings and only 2 extra base hits for Trinity. Trinity 6, TLU 3 -- All Meyer, all the time and it's all good.

By the way, the box score says Game 3 was "Stupid Cold" (scroll way down to the end of the page). Yeah, most accurate description. Ever. And yeah, FastBat is an avid reader of box scores.

Furthermore, we are still No. 1, this time with 20 first place votes (up from 18 last week). You shouldn't think that that escaped our notice. We even got some time on the D3 Baseball podcast (skip to 16:30 for the discussion). And now some FAQs:

1. Where will the games be played? Check the links above for each game.

2. Will the games be streamed?

The game at Concordia? Yes, just follow this link.

The games at Trinity (Sul Ross and Southwestern)? Yes, just follow this link and look for the games.

The games at Schreiner? Yes, just follow this link and look for the live event... you'll have to buy a subscription. If you bought a month for Southwestern, you are in. And if you buy now, you get the games at Centenary later this month. Just sayin'....

After this week, we have one more weekend with games at home, and then off to Centenary to finish the season. So pay some attention already.

See you at the fields, Trinity University Fast Bat, Inc.

P.S. If you want to sign someone up for these emails (because you are generous with awesome things) or update your profile, use this link.

P.P.S. Volunteer activity with FastBat, donations to the TU Baseball program, and other means of supporting the organization are independent from any and all decisions made by the Trinity University Coaching Staff. That said, if you asked me nicely, I will give you a hand warmer the next time we are in Abilene. 

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